I'm running for public office in Atlantic Beach
I am Brittany Norris. 7 years living in west Atlantic Beach. Co-founder of Dig Local Network. Volunteer, gardener, runner & activist.
7 years living in west Atlantic Beach.Co-founder of Dig Local Network.Volunteer, gardener, runner & activist.
What am I running for?
Commissioner Seat 5.
I would be representing the citizens of District 1312. Basically, west Atlantic Beach.
Atlantic Beach, Florida
Commissioner Seat 5
Brittany Norris for Commissioner Seat 5, Atlantic Beach

A story of service:

With two military parents, Brittany has lived on all coasts of the United States: east, west, and gulf. In 2009, she graduated from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, earning a degree in graphic design technology as well as minors in Spanish and religious studies. She made her way to the beaches area settling down on the marsh side of Atlantic Beach and working at a beach-based advertising agency. She has been here and involved in the local community ever since.

Around the same time she graduated from college, Norris began volunteering with YoungLife, a Christian ministry and organization committed to positively impacting the lives of high school students. From facilitating group meetings to chaperoning cross-country travel, Brittany volunteered weekly at Beaches Vineyard Church in Atlantic Beach and Fletcher High School in Jacksonville Beach for several years.

In 2011, following the successful launch of a community garden in Atlantic Beach (in partnership with Americorps and Beaches Habitat for Humanity), Brittany co-founded Dig Local Network (DLN). DLN is a nonprofit with a mission to create a sustainable future, where all people, no matter their location or economic position, have access to good nutritious food. Brittany has served as president, vice president, and secretary for the organization over the past several years. Through her leadership and involvement, DLN has evolved to include two community gardens, three weekly farmers markets, and a variety of educational programming about nutrition for children and adults.

Brittany’s most recent endeavor is to increase local civic engagement. At the end of 2016, she started the Coalition to Participate. The goal of this community group is to facilitate legitimate and physical action by citizens in local government. From attending city council meetings together, to organizing events with speakers, Brittany’s goal is to educate individuals and get them connected and engaged with their representatives.

Beyond her extracurricular actives, Brittany works as the Digital Director for Adjective & Co, a branding and marketing agency in Jacksonville Beach. She is a skilled and focused creative with a wide array of experience in both traditional media and digital marketing. Through her experience in agencies large and small, in-house design teams, and as an independent contractor, she brings with her attention to detail and skills in project management and effective communication. From meeting demanding deadlines to collaboration with teams, Brittany takes a hands-on approach to executing creative solutions.

With her career underway, Brittany's community work and citizen involvement is what prompted her to run for Atlantic beach City Commission, Seat 5 this August. She brings a fresh attitude, open mind, and creative leadership to our beloved community, Atlantic Beach. Contributing to a strong and healthy community is at her core and she hopes to win this race and use her personal and professional skills to do exactly that!

Atlantic Beach is home.

I want to contribute to a successful future for our beach community

Success looks like:Success looks like:
  • Transparency in communication between government and the citizenry
  • Positive revitalization and development of the Mayport Corridor in Atlantic Beach
  • Preservation of our city’s natural beauty (tree canopy, parks, beaches, & marsh)
  • Input from the community in creating an effective and truly representative plan

I have ideas. So do you. Your input is invaluable and I want to hear your thoughts, concerns, and more about Atlantic Beach. Let’s talk!

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